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Carpet Cleaning Company

Carpet Cleaning Company

Have you tried all types of the abrasive to remove stains in your households? At Carpet Cleaning Company Livermore, we offer long term solutions common stain removals

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Mold Removal

Mold Removal

Water is very essential in our house work daily lives. However if not properly handled it can cause harm to our appliances if not carefully handled.

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Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration

Fire is magnificent and potent energy. It is usually associated with great creative but also great destructive force. And that is the exact nature of the fire

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Thorough Flood Cleanup Service

Simple techniques and tips in keeping your carpets clean and germ-free. Find them below.

Looking for a few fresh ideas on ways to take care of rugs and clean carpet stains? Here below you will find the best carpet cleaning tips! They are short, clever and very helpful! Adopt the suggestions and find out what to do when carpets get stained or there is water damage and you need to solve the problem.

Excellent carpet maintenance tips! Read how to clean stains and how to deal with water damage problems.

Pre-treating carpets

It’s always a good idea to pre-treat heavily soiled carpets or deep stains before actually cleaning them. Cleaning solutions are specifically designed for pre-treatment and they get into the carpet fiber to loosen up all dirt and grime trapped inside. They can be sprayed or applied using a towel, just ensure that the stain soaks up as much liquid as possible and place something heavy on them if required. This can be followed by machine cleaning.

Carpet cleaning schedule

We follow a routine everyday and enjoy the certainty it brings. Why should it be any different for carpets? Carpet Cleaning Livermore pros recommend following a regular carpet cleaning schedule so that carpets look fresh all year round. Ideally carpets should be deep cleaned every 12 months and vacuumed a couple of times a week. This also depends on the foot traffic, location and number of people at home.

Do not keep rugs in humid places

Humid is not good for any carpet, especially wool rugs and all types of natural fibers as our cleaners explain. Moisture will damage your rugs. Fibers immediately absorb moisture and mold will grow easily. If the rugs are wrapped, the contamination will be faster.  Protect your oriental rugs by storing them in rooms/places with no humidity. If you have already stored them in the basement, unwrap them and take them out under the sun till they are completely dry.

Place door mats on all entryways to your home

This is a simple and inexpensive way to protect the carpets and rugs in your house from dust, dirt and pollen. The specialists of our carpet cleaning company in Livermore recommend the use of mats with harder fibers, which work effectively to brush the dangerous particles off the shoes. Ask everyone in your family and all visitors to use these mats.

Wash slippers regularly to keep the carpet clean for longer

Even if you wear slippers only indoors as you should, dirt and debris particles stick to their soles. In this way, you transfer them to all rooms of the house. To deal with this problem, you simply need to wash your shoes more frequently. Just check the soles and if they are dirty, toss the slippers in the washing machine.

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