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Carpet Cleaning Company

Carpet Cleaning Company

Have you tried all types of the abrasive to remove stains in your households? At Carpet Cleaning Company Livermore, we offer long term solutions common stain removals

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Mold Removal

Mold Removal

Water is very essential in our house work daily lives. However if not properly handled it can cause harm to our appliances if not carefully handled.

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Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration

Fire is magnificent and potent energy. It is usually associated with great creative but also great destructive force. And that is the exact nature of the fire

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Top Tips for Cleaning Valuable Rugs

10/17/2016 Back To Blog

If you have a beautiful rug that you know is valuable, the chances are you will be guarding it like a hawk. The only problem is - accidents happen. When they do, it's handy to know exactly what to do next. Here’s a quick list of tips to consider when trying to clean an expensive rug yourself, starting with the most important thing to remember first.

1. Don't panic

When the damage is first done, it's common for people to lose their minds and rush to try and clean the stain as fast as they can. The problem with this many stains are made worse when treated incorrectly. So it's important to remember to not act hastily, without knowing the best way to tackle that particular strain.

2. You need a specific shampoo

Top Tips for Cleaning Valuable RugsIt is very common for some of the most precious rugs to be made from natural materials, like wool, cotton or silk. The fibers in these materials are usually woven very densely especially within Persian rugs and silk rugs, so they require solutions with specific qualities.

Certain shampoos can offer sufficient suds to remove dirt, while being easy enough to rinse out to avoid damaging the delicate sheen often possessed by these fine materials. Silk and oriental rugs are often prized for their natural sheen. A professional stain removal service will be able to evaluate and advise the best solution fit for your particular rug.

3. Test solutions on small areas first

Avoid mass damage by making up and testing a small batch of the shampoo or cleaning solution you think will work, and test it on a small area of the rug. Or preferably test it on an item made from a similar fabric.

If your rug is made from silk, test the solution on an old thick silk skirt, if made from wool, test it on an alternative woolen object that is nearing its end. This will at least give you an idea of how effective the solution is.

4. To avoid risk take it to an expert

Doing it yourself will always heighten the risks of you damaging the rug's value in some way. If a rug is valuable enough, it deserves to be looked after by a professional rug cleaning service. This will help minimize the level of risk involved in keeping it in prime condition.

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